Product Overview


With a cold storage of 1,500 tons capacity, and constant upgrading of the facilities, we are aiming to produce up to 3,000 tons of seafood products annually by year 2015.

By Then, we would be able to open up more markets globally as well as domestically.

Our product ranges from a wide selection of raw fish fillet, such as the Catfish, Tilapia and prawns from the freshwater segment; as well as the Garoupa, Red Snapper, Seabass, Cobia and Yellow-Tail, Tiger Grouper, Giant Grouper, Golden Pompano from the seawater segment.

While we are progressing in terms of quality content, the environmental issue has not been neglected. The harvesting and processing facilities of GST Group provides only the highest standards of environmental sustainability and food safety. To ensure this, meticulous inspections and monitoring are held consistently at all our government licensed facilities, both on and off –shores, in compliance with the international and national standards.