We are proud to receive recognitions both globally and domestically, notably the EU certified( EU No.93). Friends of the Sea, BRC, HACCP, ISO 9001:2008, Halal Malaysia and SPLAM Certification.

Under these standards, our features product of retail and food service line, the fish fillets are trimmed and packaged either skinless or skin-on. And with a huge variety of fish to choose from, as well as size and quality grades, GST Group products are catered to fulfil the needs of various markets.


Food Safety Policy

Goh Siong Tee Marine Product Sdn Bhd is committed to ensuring product safety, quality and legality of all cultured products processed at this facility by:

  1. Achieving certification to HALAL; MOH:HACCP; BRC-Food Safety Standard;
  2. Achieving compliance to relevant legislative, regulatory and statutory obligations;
  3. Achieving conformity to meeting customer requirements, needs and expectations;
  4. Providing appropriate infrastructures and resources for effective management and continual improvement of the organization’s food safety and quality management system;
  5. Communicating the food safety and quality management system across the entire organization and the relevant food chain including establishing a forum for resolving conflicts.



Food Safety Objectives (For Shrimp)

  1. Shrimp raw materials received not detected treated by drugs, free from shrimp disease and shall meet the allowable microbiological level, heavy metal and chemical residue within these set tolerances:
  2. To ensure the products manufactured or produced meeting the importing country requirements/customer requirements.
  3. No customer complaint on food poisoning issue by end of the year.
  4. No metal contamination detected and complaint by customer by end of year.
  5. To achieve zero case of product recall due to food safety issue.


Food Safety Objectives (For Fish)

  1. To respond to customer complaints within 6 hours
  2. To reduce the number of customer complaints by 2% on previous year.
  3. To maintain a minimum ‘A-rating’ for our third party certification audit.
  4. To complete all verification activities within 5 days of the scheduled date.
  5. To complete food safety induction training for new employees before job commencement.
  6. To ensure that there is no pathogen detected in any of finished product.
  7. To maintain a minimum of 97% for all internal GMP audits.